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Dentistry is a vast dental field that involves the care given to teeth ranging from prevention of infection to treatment when infection occurs. Dental health is one of the most important fields of health but unfortunately not taken very seriously by most people. Some people fail to observe dental health due to lack of information while others its out of mare ignorance. Due to this fact, today there are more serious dental problems in the world than cancer and HIV cases. The reason it has not been declared an epidemic is probably because in mostly because those affected can still live their normal life. This has consequently resulted to people only going to a dentist when the pain is unbearable or time is convenient. There are many areas in which dentistry is involved in and today we will look at the most common cases of dental care and treatment.

    • Tooth extraction

This is a procedure that involves the removal of a tooth or teeth. This is the most common type of dental treatment. Tooth extraction is usually on a bacteria infected tooth that has decayed or has cavities. It is one of the most painful experiences especially if the cavity has reached the root canal. Removing the tooth may not be the best solution but most people prefer it due to the quick pain reliever. However, dentists advise that before you can decide to remove the tooth, trying use of medicine that can rid the bacteria or do a filling if the cavity is not so bad. It is also advisable to observe oral health to help keep the rest of them firm and strong.

  • Dental filing

This is a process where a dentist adds some filling material in the infected tooth. This procedure is done on a tooth that has decayed to the point of leaving a hole on it. The cause of this decay is bacteria eating away enamel. For the filling to be effective, it is important for the dentist to remove all bacteria in that tooth and the teeth surrounding it. Failure to do this makes the filling ineffective as the bacterial will continue to eat away tooth enamel making the filling useless as well as bringing back intense pain to the patient. There are different types of fillings done and they mainly differ depending on the material used to fill or the purpose of the filling. Some people fill their teeth for beauty.


  • Dental cleaning

Dental hygiene goes beyond the normal daily tooth brushing. As one grows the teeth wear our and at the same time gets some yellowish stain. We all want to have that sparkling white smile and no matter how hard we brush our teeth we don’t seem to be attaining it. This stain can only be removed by a dentist using a special chemical that only removes the stain but does not affect the enamel.

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