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Common dental procedures done by Dentists

With the increase in the number of dental cases that the dentist at White Rock Dental is receiving there has been an advancement in ways of solving various dental problems. This has therefore enabled the dental sector to grow exponentially to skyrocketing heights with the introduction of very many technologically advanced dental procedures. In today’s world, you can do precisely anything to your teeth to customize them in order for you to feel comfortable. There are very many dental procedures in the world this article will therefore delve into what they entail and the problem that they solve. They include:


Bonding is one of the dental procedures that is very common in the dentist world. It entails filling the teeth with composite resins in order to repair broken pieces of the tooth. This means that in case your teeth has chipped or has a broken the missing part can be replaced with the composite resin. This therefore helps to fill in the gaps that have been left due to your tooth damage thus enabling your tooth to remain in good shape as they were and also it reduces the risk of further damage of your teeth.


You will have noticed that some teeth are not in a straight line such that they are disarranged. This therefore destroys and lowers the aesthetic value of the dental formula of such a person. This can however be corrected with just a simple procedure called bracing. In bracing the dentist uses a brace in order to correct the misalignment of your teeth so that they can be properly arranged. Once that is done they are held into position by a brace so as to exert pressure on them for some time from when the brace is removed and you will have a correctly aligned dental formula.

Bridges and implants

In case you have suffered tooth loss, which can be caused by different factors like accidents, and other factors like tooth decay, your condition can be corrected by the dentist performing the bridges and implants procedure. What this procedure entails is that the missing spaces of your teeth are filled with synthetic tooth which may be made of different things like metal or composite resins thus making you have the full dental formula which doesn’t affects your looks that is caused by loosing of teeth.


In case your tooth has suffered great damage and cannot be repaired using bonding the dentist will do an extraction for you. This is the procedure that involves removing of the teeth, instead of staying with a tooth that keeps on aching due to decay it is wise to remove it to solve the problem.

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